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The SpectraMedix Platform

Powering Your Value-Based Care Journey

A comprehensive view of healthcare data is now imperative for payers, intermediaries such as ACOs and IPAs, hospitals, and providers. The journey to Value-Based Care (VBC) makes it even more so. A 2018 study reveals that 57 percent of health plan executives said they now believe physicians do not have the tools to succeed under value-based care. It also notes, only 39 percent of physicians said electronic health records (EHRs) provide all the data they need to care for their patients.[i] The SpectraMedix Platform is an Enterprise Data Warehouse framework built to create actionable insights that drive interventions to improve care and cost across the healthcare ecosystem to power your VBC journey.

These core functions drive SpectraMedix solutions for
payers, intermediaries, and providers:

Data Collection and Aggregation

The SpectraMedix Platform is a nimble system that easily integrates structured and unstructured data across disparate clinical, quality, financial, social (SDoH), and associative sources using APIs, connectors, forms, and file uploads. The frequency of data refreshes is driven by the type of data being acquired and its intended use. This data is cleansed and housed in an Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI).

Data Analysis

This is where data transforms into actionable insights. The SpectraMedix Platform automatically normalizes data, provides HCC risk adjustment modeling—in addition to other risk adjustment methodologies—administers use-based analytic models, and uses machine learning to generate retrospective and predictive analytics.

Data Storage

The SpectraMedix Platform houses this interrelated data within a sophisticated cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant Hadoop® storage system. The storage schema is built for the speed and performance demands required to rapidly produce actionable insights.

Data Visualization

With analytics in hand, The SpectraMedix Platform gives your organization multiple data visualization options. Results can be inserted into your existing workflow, rendered as scorecards and tools within a portal environment, or be automatically pushed to downstream users managing interventions. Each area of visualization includes aggregated data with the ability to drill-down to the patient level, based on the role maintained within your organization.

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Cloud Enabled

Our Platform provides a secure, cloud environment that makes data integration, aggregation, and visualization a snap. A portal ensures users have access via two-factor authentication in a HIPAA compliant environment.

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Data Aggregation & Encryption

This is your data processing engine.It takes structured and unstructured data across all your systems, normalizes it, and stores the data for use across a wide variety of initiatives.

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Geo & Heat Mapping

Our advanced mapping capabilities pinpoint at-risk clusters, so you can target interventions by neighborhood, ethnicity, and condition. You’ll be able to overlay multiple demographic factors that contribute to outcome.

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Predictive Modeling

Proprietary algorithms and models use your data to provide insight on where your next performance issues might reside or where a specific population will soon need attention.

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Gaps in Care Identification

Data is only as good as the actionable insight it creates. We provide a full complement of coverage in the identification of gaps in care with provider and patient level data.

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Master Data Management

Inpatient and outpatient data flows securely from across the continuum of care through the SpectraMedix360 Advanced Integration Framework into a centralized Enterprise Data Warehouse.

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Risk Stratification & Profiling

Easily identify high risk patients across a wide cut of data. Arm providers with data to proactively engage patients and promote proper care action plans.

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Performance Scorecards

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. That’s why our platform provides a scorecard generator. You can keep track of the impact efforts have on operational, clinical and financial outcomes.

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Active Alerts

The SpectraMedix Platform keeps constant watch over what’s taking place within your population. It can alert you and the provider when conditions change—at a population and patient level.

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Measures Authoring

Our platform takes in data once and then lets you use it again and again. We help organizations with regulatory measures and also provide custom measures authoring to target the efforts that matter most.

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Reporting to Governmental & Commercial Programs

A comprehensive, certified solution captures patient data, targets and calculates measures, analyzes results and reports to CMS for MACRA, MIPS, APMS and other reporting scenarios.

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End to End Encryption

Everyone is talking HIPAA. We go much further. We’ll be HITRUST certified this year, keep all data encrypted at every state, and use Azure as our hosting provider.

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Referential Data Processing

Data such as Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) are critical when trying to chart a course for your population. We make it easy to add that to your EMPI for a richer view of care needs and intervention.

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Dashboards provide an ongoing snapshot of performance, performance trends—and reports to show you where you are today so you can impact where you’re headed.

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Machine Learning
& AI

The SpectraMedix Platform is a learning system that automates tasks based on all of your data. Labor-saving, task-based results allow you to maintain full control.

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Analytics & Performance Portal

We offer periodic and near real-time reporting via a HIPAA-compliant browser-based portal. You’ll find reports, dashboards and drill downs to the patient level, and data visualization & analytics using Tableau.



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