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Health Systems
Healthcare on the Cutting Edge

Health systems are at the forefront of change, as care providers & innovators in value-based care. SpectraMedix understands that change needs support to succeed. The SpectraMedix Platform™ provides that support for health systems to thrive and continue their valuable work.
SpectraMedix is ONC Certified [1]. Our Platform provides the concrete ability to satisfy all MIPS categories and all 243 registry and 2019 QCDR custom measures. Find out how we do it.

[1] This EHR Module is 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by ICSA Labs in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.  This certification does not represent an endorsement by the
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Health systems have a lot of data.  What you need is information. When aggregated and normalized, data has unlimited potential to unlock the information needed to improve patient experience, outcome, and cost savings. SpectraMedix offers a platform that houses everything you need to make informed decisions under one roof. Aggregation provides storage, normalization, and information for multiple health system initiatives.


The SpectraMedix Platform for Health Systems offers actionable analytics so you can manage multiple payer and provider contracts. Revenue analysis allows you to monitor cash flow, cost, and utilization. Knowing your population and what will drive them to engage in their own health outcome is key.  This means taking a dive into demographics, asking the right questions, and developing relevant solutions.  Use the analysis to ask What if questions about risk, reward, population attribution, and more.



A tight communications cycle is necessary when launching improvement programs.  The SpectraMedix Platform helps you develop new approaches that go beyond the medical record. With near real-time data analytics, health systems have the ability to launch a solution, discuss it, evaluate it, and refine it, or move on to another approach. All within a quick turn-around time to keep progress on track.


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Performance Improvement

eCQMs, custom measures, MIPS, and Payer P4P reporting are critical tools for quality performance improvement and incentive reimbursement. Tracking data across multiple TINs and EHRs is easier than you think. By aggregating and cleansing data, we help you to establish an EMPI that brings clarity across all measures, clinicians, and performance.

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Scenario Modeling

SpectraMedix aggregates historical and current data, allowing health systems to play out scenarios that answer their most pressing question, What if?  What if clinician performance is lower than expected and payback suffers?  What if we’re in for greater risk than anticipated? SpectraMedix’s analytics allow you to gain control of all your What ifs.

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Big Data for Bigger Financial Impact

SpectraMedix offers advanced data integration, mining, and analytics to support health systems’ business intelligence goals. Efficiencies of scale using Hadoop® architecture provides our clients with care optimization insight beyond clinical management. We use traditional and unstructured data from charts, discharge notes, public databases, and more to define your parameters for success.

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Predictive Analytics

Insightful data management with predictive capabilities guides health systems through situations that contribute to risk, whether financial or clinical. Knowing your risk exposure through predictive analytics allows you to stay a step ahead and smooths the journey to Value-Based Payment.

The SpectraMedix Platform for Health Systems

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