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An ACO platform that gets it right.
Accountable Care Organizations require the ability to manage and improve cost and quality performance against contractually established targets. Powered by the deep ACO expertise of our team, SpectraMedix provides tools you need to succeed in both the cost and quality dimensions. Our goal is to deliver an ACO solution that gets it right.


Aggregating the clinical, financial, utilization, and other data you need will allow you to see the big picture before entering into a payer or provider arrangement. As the intermediary between clinicians and payers, ACOs and IPAs are taking in data from both sides. SpectraMedix offers fresh data payers may not be able to provide, giving you an edge going into contracts.


Analysis of contracts, cost, and utilization doesn’t end when you sign on the dotted line. Use insights gleaned from data of all types to plan and execute contractual obligations. Our actionable analytics allow you to track trends and performance against PMPM targets, see where money is being saved, compare performance across contracts, and measure overall success.


Post-contract analytics help ACOs adjust mid-stream to assure cost plus effort equal ROI. Improvement can occur at any point in the contractual process. SpectraMedix provides actionable analytics to help you make adjustments during the contract period and to prepare for the next contract cycle.


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Risk Readiness Assessment

Establishing a baseline allows you to evaluate your current risk levels and tolerance for taking on additional risk. We determine target budgets and play out What if scenarios for guidance before you negotiate.

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Performance Payments

Monitor providers across established goals and compare results to develop reimbursement rates and bonus schedules. Comprehensive data aggregation lets you see the big picture and the small details that, combined, equal actionable insight.

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Shared Savings Distribution

Where is the money being saved, and how should it be distributed? Our Performance Improvement tool allows ACOs to look across all contractors to see where money is being saved and help you develop distribution and bonus arrangements.

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EHR Capability

EHR, population, and health information exchange data band together in the SpectraMedix Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) for use in configurable dashboards based on user. Integrating SpectraMedix into your workflow helps reduce clinician frustration, and costly mistakes due to missing or inadequate data.


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